Let's take the sweat out of quoting on copywriting projects.
Save your seat and say goodbye to time-consuming, anxiety-filled quoting. 

Get ready to say YES to quoting that feels easy, includes all the work you actually do and reflects your copywriting skills and expertise.

Copy Quoting Made Easy$37

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Want to level up your quotes?

It's all the presentation, friend.
Grab my killer proposal template for just $17.

Normally $27, this proposal template sky-rocketed my conversions so much that I had to significantly raise my rates within a few months.

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  • What type of support is included?
    With this product, you receive lifetime access the workshop replay AND resources. Each resource also has some video instructions on how to use it (in addition to the explanation in the workshop itself).

    If you have any questions, you can email my support inbox at support@copywritematters.com anytime.
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    Due to the digital nature of this product and immediate access, all sales are final.
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    The workbook and calculators are delivered using Google Drive products to make them as accessible as possible, so you'll need Google Docs and Google Sheets.

    One you copy the templates, you can easily load them into Microsoft product if they are your preference.
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  • 1xCopy Quoting Made Easy$37

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"That workshop was amazing! Thank you for the Copy Quotes tool. I used the worksheet and the quote tool immediately to prepare a proposal for a new client, and doubled the amount of the proposal! 

I only needed to raise my rates about $15/hour, but you helped me see parts of the project that I was overlooking.
What a difference! Thank you!"

-Kay Helm

"The Quote calculator has saved my bacon (increased my bacon?) so many times and made me get real about the time and value we offer - especially the newly updated version - it is impressively useful with the level of detail and post-project review components!"

-Rananda Rich

"Thanks for the workshop - It was very beneficial, partly what I expected, and then some more. 

I like that you explain your process and follow up with clients continually in a friendly way throughout. This is really good practice. 

The breakdown of the costing model was useful [...] to properly and accurately break down costings to cover everything involved, and instead of plucking a number from thin air." 

-Deborah Cross